E-commerce is defined as a set of activities carried out to carry out transactions through electronic means such as a website or an application. These are online transactions, i.e. H. about the purchase of goods and services for which payment and delivery takes place outside of the physical business premises.

The most common form of electronic commerce is an online shop, but electronic commerce also includes business forms such as online auctions, currency exchanges, e-banking, online bookmakers, e-shops, but also auction portals and other forms of electronic commerce.

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We offer all the important services for the success of your IT solution, from the start-up phase to optimization and sales scaling.

Getting to know each other & initial requirements

We will get to know each other and your needs in a non-binding initial consultation.

Lay the Foundation

We work together to refine your idea and jointly develop solution approaches, cost estimates and the project roadmap.

Prototyping & Design

By creating a prototype, we generate customer feedback at an early stage and ensure real added value for users.

MVP Development

We develop the product with the most important functions – the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – in order to acquire the first user as quickly as possible.

Optimization & Scaling

After the market launch, it is crucial to continuously develop and improve the product based on customer feedback. Fast and effective iterations play a decisive role on the road to success.

Tools we love & know

In addition to our own developments, our toolbox also contains a large number of standard tools.

Our services

As your experts at your side.

Lay the Foundation

To prioritize solutions that meet both users and business goals, it is crucial to develop a deep understanding of users and their needs, pain points, and challenges.

Creative ideas and solutions are developed based on customer understanding.

After selecting the most promising ideas, the business model is defined. Aspects such as monetization, value chain and long-term strategy are taken into account to ensure that the solutions not only meet the needs of customers but are also economically viable.

Develop a solution

Expertise in identifying, implementing and optimizing technology solutions that are optimally tailored to your individual needs.

Based on prioritized requirements, we begin developing wireframes that visualize user flow and can be validated. After validating the wireframes, we develop more detailed mockups based on the feedback that show the final look of the product.

After collecting feedback on features and design, we create the final prototype, which includes the design and final appearance of the product screens.

Implementation of the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) through continuous adjustments based on user feedback to achieve an effective final product.

Scale solution

We conduct a thorough analysis of your platform to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of your online presence. We identify existing SEO issues that are impacting your rankings and provide actionable recommendations in our SEO audit report. If you wish, our team can also implement these recommendations for you (see our SEO services).

Place your ads directly in the focus of the search results and reach the customers who are looking for your offer. We offer support in setting up, implementing and managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

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A selection of innovative e-commerce projects

What are the most useful features of e-commerce solutions?

Multi-sided marketplaces offer different functionalities for marketplace owner and sellers (providers).

  • Product management: removing and adding products, entering prices. description of attributes, updating of inventory levels​
  • Direct customer contact: transactional emails, chats
  • Secure data maintenance and management
  • Sales management: including acceptance of the order, payment, shipping and issuing of a sales document
  • E-commerce marketing: e.g. B. Blog, promotions, recommendations, SEO
  • Integration with external programs or tools